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The use of advanced techniques for sinus surgery, including functional endoscopic sinus surgery, means that the procedure is more precise and less invasive, bringing better outcomes for patients. However, post-surgical treatment for sinus surgery has traditionally involved the insertion of temporary surgical packing to support sinus passages while these heal. The manual removal of the packing materials during recovery is painful and re-traumatises sensitive tissue.

Wellington-based health-tech company Chitogel Limited offers an alternative to the eye-watering status quo with its dissolvable post-operative hydrogel material. The Chitogel® Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Kit was launched in 2019 in the United States of America and New Zealand, comprising a hydrogel that can be applied to sinuses after endoscopic sinus surgery. Not only does the Chitogel product prevent bleeding from the surgical site and actively assists wound healing, it is gently dissolved by non-invasive saline washing. 

The hydrogel technology was originally developed by a collaboration between researchers from the University of Otago, The University of Adelaide, and a Wellington-based surgeon. Chitogel has spent the past few years further developing and optimising the technology for use in operating theatres. The company continues to invest in new technology and clinical trials, and remains vigilant for new discoveries and opportunities.

Catalyst Intellectual Property works with Chitogel to secure their intellectual property rights, and provide an IP perspective in product development, clinical trials, and commercial agreements. Chitogel Acting CEO, Andrew Park, says “Catalyst IP’s advice and their comprehensive international network of partners has been critical in cost-effectively and efficiently securing our international trademark and securing additional patent protection of our new developments. They continue to act as a key partner to Chitogel while we develop our pipeline technology further to capitalise on new clinical applications”.  

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