Gillies McIndoe Research Institute

The Gillies McIndoe Research Institute (GMRI) is revolutionising the approach to cancer treatment by targeting a unique population of tumour cells known as ‘cancer stem cells’. The novel approach is underpinned by the observation that cancer stem cells play a fundamental role in cancer and has developed targeted drug therapies against these cancer stem cells.

The team at the GMRI led by Executive Director Dr Swee Tan is focused on understanding disfiguring and life-threatening conditions, including cancer, vascular birthmarks and fibrotic conditions. The team have achieved break-through discoveries that has led to the development of a novel cancer treatment that targets cancer stem cells. GMRI Senior Research Fellow Dr Paul Davis provides an important scientific and commercial advisory function.

The GMRI’s work has been published in numerous scientific journals, which receives worldwide interest and recognition for the GMRI in the field of cancer research. Catalyst Intellectual Property partnered with the GMRI in 2012 to provide specialist IP advisory services, and in that time has assisted in securing an extensive portfolio of patent rights to help the GMRI to realise the full potential of its ground breaking science. “The GMRI appreciates the value of its IP rights, and we very much enjoy the working relationship with Catalyst Intellectual Property” says Dr Tan.

GMRI Executive Director Dr Swee Tan (left), Senior Research Fellow Dr Paul Davis (centre), and (former) Chief Scientific Officer Dr Tinte Itinteang (front) with Garth Hendry (rear).