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The HoneyLab Story

Did you know that bees must visit approximately 2 million flowers and fly over 180,000 kilometres to make 1 kilo of honey? Our client HoneyLab does.


HoneyLab runs the world’s largest programme of medical research in this field, and has published over 20 medical research studies relating to the health benefits of honey: Its product range is the result of this commitment to research, which has yielded treatments for skin conditions such as cold-sores, rosacea, acne and nappy rash, anti-ageing products and products for treating joint stiffness and muscular discomfort. You can find out more about HoneyLab’s products here:


HoneyLab knows that its intellectual property is critical to its success. The HoneyLab founders worked closely with Catalyst Intellectual Property to ensure that the best decisions were made at the earliest stages of research and development, and that IP-protection projects were continually appraised for their relevance and value. HoneyLab is now seeing a return on their investment into patent protection for its Honevo® kanuka honey formulations. Patents for the Honevo® formulation have been granted in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States, with expectations of patents to be granted in Asia. Grant of these patents has coincided with HoneyLab securing a licence deal with a multinational pharmaceutical company for the sale of HoneyLab’s products in North America and Israel.


HoneyLab has been a pleasure to work with because it is pro-active and recognises that intellectual property is key to the commercialisation of its products. It’s not just us who thinks HoneyLab is a great company. HoneyLab’s efforts have been recognised by others. Some of its awards include:


  • Co-founder Dr Shaun Holt was Runner-up for New Zealander of the Year 2015 Awards, Sanitarium Innovator of the Year category for his work with HoneyLab

  • Winner, Discovering Gold, Wellington Gold Awards (2014)

  • Silver Stevie Award: Best New Product – Health & Pharmaceutical (2015)

  • Finalist, Company of the Year, NZBIO Excellence Awards (2015)

  • Joint Winner, NZBusiness Most Innovative Business, The David Awards (2015)

  • Finalist, NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards (2015)


CEO Anthony Lawler from HoneyLab says “Intellectual Property is incredibly important to HoneyLab and we know with Catalyst we have a world-leading IP advisor. Catalyst are a solution focussed & creative team and its reassuring to know that we have Catalyst’s skills backing up HoneyLab’s ambition global growth plans.”

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