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Congratulations Sir Robert!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

We are delighted that Professor Bob Elliott has been appointed a Knight Companion of the

New Zealand Order of Merit.

Professor Sir Robert Elliott has been an outstanding New Zealand medical researcher for several decades. In addition to his longstanding interest in diabetes research, Sir Robert was a co-founder of the National Child Health Research Foundation (now Cure Kids) and has had active commercial interests as a founder and science director of several companies including Diatranz Limited, Living Cell Technologies Limited, NZeno Limited and Breathe Easy Limited.

Partner at Catalyst Intellectual Property, Greg Lynch, has worked with Sir Robert a number of times over the years particularly in connection with The a2 Milk Company Limited. Greg commented that “Sir Robert is always a pleasure to work with. A great source of knowledge and always a gentleman.”

Postscript: Sadly, Sir Robert passed away in August at the age of 86. He will be missed by many.

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