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Congratulations to C-Prize 2019/2020 winner Zincovery

C-Prize is a bi-annual technology challenge initiative from Callaghan Innovation that asks innovators to develop industry-changing solutions to complex global problems. This year the competition was focused on solving critical challenges in the environment.

Selected from 140 applicants, eight finalist teams spent the last six months developing their solutions, working with mentors, attending bootcamps and pitching their ideas.

Catalyst Intellectual Property delivered an IP strategy and commercialisation workshop (lead by David Koedyk and Greg Lynch) to the C-Prize finalists.

C-Prize 2019/2020 finalists:

Winner of C-Prize 2019/2020 Zincovery is developing a low-cost recycling service for waste acid, using new technology to fully recycle the waste acid and extract the valuable materials it contains. The recycled zinc, iron oxide and fresh acid can then be reused by industry. Congratulations to Zincovery!

See Callaghan Innovation’s winner announcement presentation here:

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