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Dr Carla Meledandri Wins 2017 Prime Minister’s MacDiarmid Emerging Scientist Prize

Congratulations Carla!  The team at Catalyst Intellectual Property are delighted that Dr Carla Meledandri from the University of Otago has won the 2017 Prime Minister’s MacDiarmid Emerging Scientist Prize.  See the announcement here.

Carla’s research into silver nanoparticles and its application in products for preventing dental infections and tooth decay is showing significant commercial potential.  A spin-out company from the University, Silventum Limited, is positioning itself to develop and market products based on Carla’s research.

Catalyst Intellectual Property partner, Garth Hendry, worked closely with Carla in his previous role as IP Manager at the University’s commercialisation office, Otago Innovation Limited.  Garth says “It was a delight to work with Carla and her ideas.  A wonderfully talented chemist who is a game changer amongst her peers”.  Greg Lynch, also a partner at Catalyst Intellectual Property, has been actively involved in the preparation and management of patent applications protecting the outcomes of Carla’s research.  Greg reports that Carla’s research is cutting edge and that the underlying intellectual property looks to have strong potential.

We wish Carla and her team every success with her ongoing research and with its commercial development through the University and with Silventum.

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