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Looking for Notary Public services?


Catalyst Intellectual Property provides a range of IP services across diverse technology fields

Our services include a comprehensive range of intellectual property advisory and related commercial services:

  • Patent, trade mark and design portfolio management

  • Patent, trade mark and design searching, drafting, filing, prosecution, renewals, oppositions, infringement and enforcement

  • Branding advice

  • Copyright advice

  • Freedom to operate advice

  • Commercialisation of intellectual property and technology

  • Commercial agreements including licences, assignments of intellectual property and technology, confidentiality agreements, and R&D collaboration agreements

  • Intellectual property audits

  • IP strategy development

  • Due diligence

  • Pre-investment advice

  • Litigation and dispute resolution

  • Intellectual Property Office hearings

  • Court hearings including at High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court

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