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Greg Lynch Catalyst IP



Direct +64 4 550 2395


Mobile +64 21 0248 1125

Location Wellington


With more than 25 years of experience in intellectual property law and practice, Greg is one of New Zealand’s leading intellectual property advisors. He is an intellectual property lawyer as well as a patent attorney registered to practice in both New Zealand and Australia.

Greg’s primary interest is innovation in the fields of chemistry and biotechnology, especially pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and food technology. He also has experience with many other technologies. Greg works with clients to develop business-focused intellectual property strategies and the implementation of them through the global protection, management and commercialisation of technology intellectual property.

Greg’s background includes high level chemistry research at the University of Otago, Oxford University and Industrial Research (now Callaghan Innovation). He was a partner for many years at Baldwins Intellectual Property and has large corporation in-house experience from two years (2010-2012) working as a patent attorney at Nestlé in Switzerland.

Assisting New Zealand technology-based businesses is one of the most rewarding aspects of Greg’s career. Problem-solving and careful planning are part of his skill set. Greg enjoys interacting with science researchers and business leaders alike. His ability to see the bigger picture of how intellectual property issues interrelate with key commercial drivers is seen as an asset just as is the attention to detail he shows when preparing patents and commercialisation agreements.

Greg also works with a variety of overseas research organisations and companies to assist with their patent and design protection interests in New Zealand and Australia.

Greg is an active member of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association. He is a past member of the Council of the New Zealand Institute of Patent Attorneys, and has for many years been a member of the New Zealand Patent Attorneys Examination Board.

When not preoccupied with sporting, dance and other interests of three children, Greg manages to find time for wine and food with friends and family, basketball, mountain biking, tennis and golf, and skiing in the season.

Greg is a Notary Public in New Zealand. 

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Registered Patent Attorney – New Zealand & Australia


Lawyer – New Zealand

Notary Public – New Zealand

BSc (Hons), PhD Chemistry






Life sciences



Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Garth is an experienced patent attorney in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals fields. He has assisted a number of New Zealand and Australian based research organisations, start-ups and biotechnology companies

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