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We believe in flexible and proactive partnerships with our clients

Intellectual property is the catalyst for commercial success. We help protect and maximise investment in new ideas, products, services and technologies. Technology intellectual property is our specialty. Our partners and senior personnel are respected and experienced intellectual property professionals, covering all areas of technology. We bring extensive experience working in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Europe, in private practice, in-house and in senior government roles.

Our clients include inventors, start-ups, research institutes, universities, government agencies, small and large businesses and multi-national corporations located in New Zealand and Australia and around the world. It’s our business to understand your business, your commercial drivers and aspirations and to build solid intellectual property strategies based on them. By building a deep understanding of your business we are able to be more responsive, efficient and strategic.

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Zero-Cost Offer to Support the Development of COVID-19 Vaccine Technologies in New Zealand



Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Garth is an experienced patent attorney in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals fields. He has assisted a number of New Zealand and Australian based research organisations, start-ups and biotechnology companies


Did you know that bees must visit approximately 2 million flowers and fly over 180,000 kilometres to make 1 kilo of honey? Our client HoneyLab does.


The Ferrier Research Institute is a specialist team of carbohydrate chemistry researchers at Victoria University of Wellington led by Professor Richard Furneaux.


The Gillies McIndoe Research Institute (GMRI) is revolutionising the approach to cancer treatment by targeting a unique population of tumour cells known as ‘cancer stem cells’.



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